About Us

Personal and Business growth working together to significantly impact the cloud world.

Employee First Culture.

Work-Life balance is not just a phrase, but is lived out in true conviction here at Pax8. You are Pax8.

Management Culture.

No walls. No doors. Pax8 is an open space to cultivate, master, and impart your knowledge as all ideas are embraced and curiosity drives our development.

Friendships: More Than Just a Colleague

For us this means we are a Family of Friends – a great, fun mix of backgrounds, cultures, and preferences. Shenanigans will happen. A caring ear is presented. Chemistry is amplified. Here’s to Pax8 Friendships!

Team Building

Competition builds collaboration. Hangouts generate trust. Inclusiveness inspires encouragement. The Pax8 Engineering team is not only focused on building products – we are equally focused on building up the team.
Hackathon 2021


The Pax8 heritage that is pridefully passed on from year to year to strike friendly competition amongst the department to create impactful software. Two days, overnighter, multiple teams, ideas, and much caffeine to brain battle.


Badges of honor and triumph celebrating the unique people and projects of Pax8.


No cliques - they are a way to branch out beyond the usual and allow for friendships to spread throughout the company.